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April 1955
Central Minnesota
About Me
Divorced with five cats. I'm the crazy cat lady at the end of the street! I've been there and done that, some things I can talk about, others, well, that depends on your security clearance. I've been around the world several times (thanks, Uncle Sam!), and have seen the good and bad. My writing is a reflection of what we are, some is allegory, some is fact. I believe humanity is inherently good but it is the choices that are thrust on us that make us who we become at the end of the day.
Type of Writer
I start writing with a single idea or picture in my head and just go from there.
Writing Style
Usually narrative, I navigate by waypoints.
Hunting, recreational shooting, READING!!!!
Favorite Genres
Comedy, fantasy, science-fiction, zombies, post-apocalypse
Favorite Books
Honor Harrington series, Stephanie Plum series
Favorite Authors
John Ringo, David Weber, Janet Evanovich
Favorite Quote
"An armed population is a polite population" -- Robert Heinlein
Favorite Music
Classic, Classic Rock, Celtic
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/jojogold