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August 19 1996
About Me
I am an ambitious amateur writer. I've only been committed to the idea for a short while now, to be honest. But I would like the idea, the possibility, of actually publishing something successful. My enthusiasm for reading only started maybe three or so years ago, I had read books of course before that, but it's more recently I can't seem to go a day without one in my hand.
Type of Writer
I would like to write novels, fantasy or sci-fi, my main interest is adventure, creating what I refer to as escapist fiction.
Writing Style
Hmm, not sure to be honest. I love descriptive writing, where one character has a story, and the place he is in has its own.
I love reading any larger than life adventure. Where, say a character of modest potential encounters a situation which dramatically elevates him. This pertains to all stories, movies, shows, and books. I also enjoy acting on stage, to move others.
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Group Memberships
Does a theatre count?
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi. I'm not experienced enough a reader to add much more than this I'm afraid.
Favorite Books
Ready Player One, The Martian, Wheel of Time, Harry Potter, Commonwealth Saga, Red Rising, Metro 2033, Ciaphas Cain, The Golden Compass, World War Z, D-List Supervillain, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Favorite Authors
Well, pretty much just look up the books above and see who wrote them.
Favorite Poets
I have some favorite poems, but I'm not a big enough follower to know the poets themselves, per-se.
Favorite Quote
"You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as this universe. You didn't come into this world, you came out of it, like a wave from the ocean." -Alan Watts
Favorite Music
The Protomen, Mumford & Sons, Queen, TOOL, The Killers, Of Monsters and Men, David Bowie, System Of The Down, M83, Pink Floyd, Empire Of The Sun, Woodkid, Colin hay
Favorite Movies
The Dark Knight, The Fountain, Ace Ventura, Cloud Atlas, The Castle, Star Wars, All Ghibli films, Blade Runner, The Incredibles, American beauty, 12 Angry Men, Children Of Men. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Favorite Shows
The Newsroom, Dirk Gently, Band of Brothers, Silicon Valley, Red Vs Blue, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Rome, Westworld, Buffy, Fullmetal Alchemist, Haruhi Suzumiya, Samurai Champloo, Angel Beats, Baccano, K-On, Sora No Woto, Cowboy Behop, Death Note.
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    This is something I put a little thought into awhile back, but lost interest in.
    Rated: E · Writing · #2124831
    A little piece I wrote awhile ago, only recently did I feel an odd resemblance to it.
    Rated: E · Writing · #2124889
    Something I wrote ages ago, I think it was a nice day when I wrote it.
    Rated: 13+ · Fantasy · #2125322
    This is the opening of my first chapter, a sample of sorts, please review candidly.
    Rated: E · Writing · #2124821
    Just something I scribbled together
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