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October 14 1985
Canberra, Australia
About Me
Let's see, I have a mother who is American and a father who is Australian.
Type of Writer
I like to try writing a bit of everything, from content for all to content for adults only.
Writing Style
I guess my writing style could be intense at times and maybe a little quirky. You tell me...
I love to read and write, surfing the net, sewing and crafting.
Favorite Genres
I love reading horror, but absolutely hate watching it...
Favorite Books
Goosebumps series, Magic Kingdom series, Harry Potter series,
Favorite Authors
R.L.Stine, JK Rowling, Terry Brooks, Christopher Pike, Raymond E. Feist, Stephen King
Favorite Poets
Edgar Allen Poe
Favorite Quote
Life is like an onion, it stinks and makes you cry.
Favorite Music
80's music, P!nk, YFM,
Favorite Movies
Super Mario Bros, Back to the Future series,
Favorite Shows
Charmed, X-files, Buffy, Big Bang Theory, Dead Like Me,
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