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June 23 1971
About Me
Born in Maine, now I reside in Florida. School teacher, college student, freelance writer
Type of Writer
Poet, prose, short stories. Dark themes, emotional themes, drama, action, military
Favorite Books
N/A To many to list.
Favorite Authors
Red Door, R.W. Ferland, Osiris Griffin, Chloe Wildz, King, E Poe, W Whitman, E Dickenson, A Crawley, any old school poets.
Favorite Quote
The sky reflects the sea. Hypocrisy is king is this madness we enslave. An apple is the color of life. Are you alive, how do you know?
Favorite Music
Alternative, 80's, sting, 3 days grace, Godsmack, Muse, Coldplay, Alice in Chains, Stabbing Westward, Mudvayne, Disturbed, Break Benjamin, Bryan Adams and many more..
Favorite Movies
Mosty action abd sci-fi ----The Matrix, Avatar, True Lies, Batman Dark Night, T2.
Collection of awarded items, contest winners, and published writings
Rated: E
9 Items
Adult, Dark, Experience
Type: Folder
Updated 5 years ago
My newest writings waiting for quality reviews: poems, shorts, prose & flash-fiction
Rated: E
39 Items
*Dollar* 500 GPs per review
Adult, Drama, Experience
Type: Folder
Updated about a month ago
    Rated: E · Adult · #1595937
    My newest writings waiting for quality reviews: poems, shorts, prose & flash-fiction
    Rated: E · Adult · #2208341
    A cryptic poem about a made up person, places, and often reality.
    Rated: 18+ · Drama · #2207896
    A deeply dark and personal poem about my terrifying past life as a victim in every way.
    Rated: E · Adult · #2003399
    A flow poem that is quite crazy, about a man with no heart and no time left.
    Rated: 13+ · Adult · #1976768
    Yes a poem about afterbirth, meant for a chuckle, and because I could write it...enjoy?
Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/keatonfoster