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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
About Me
I have spent over 50 years reflecting on the human condition. I started in the later 60s, just as indulgence capitalism was beginning to be rolled out into the existential heartlands where our deepest yearnings and fantasies reside. Liberty became disinhibition and slavery to desire. Rights became entitlements. Public discourse turned into marketspeak. Character became blind amoral egoism. The commons was being systematically smashed. (Continued)
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The deregulatory and privatization agendas of indulgence took over the psychological deep space and filled it with (cont)
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these products and services, forcing out everything else, including the self management software that (continued)
underpins disciplined governance, other regarding behaviour and psychological stability. I was overwhelmed by these forces that I had hardly begun to understand and fell into deep despond for (continued)
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around 5 years, then spent the next decades trying to figure it out and give it its name. And now the time has come to spill the beans.
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    Debunking identity politics in the context of a multicultural society
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/kiffit