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The Ozark Mountains of Missouri
About Me
I grew up in K.C. MO. I write about my life in 'Lynn McKay' here on WDC. I married a wonderful man, married 39 years. We are both artists of different mediums. I enjoy writing, but suffer from several ailments including FMS, and some days I just can't manage to complete anything. I keep plugging along though and I receive tons of encouragement on WDC. I have 3 canine companions who are Jack Russells. They are the main characters in my series, Jack Russells Are People Too!! also on WDC. Wado
Type of Writer
My book 'Lynn McKay' is a fictionalized true story. My canine series is comedy. I have been exploring poetry on WDC.
Writing Style
I tend to write in a casual style. I prefer first person, but also write in third.
I love music and performing. I had a show in Branson, MO for 12 years. I love to garden and it is a great therapy for pain. I enjoy reading a great deal and the study of the scriptures.
Favorite Genres
Pre-historic native peoples of North America and the known indigenous tribes. Mystery and Comedy
Favorite Books
Jane Eyre, All of the "People of --" books, anything by Anne Perry, Elizabeth Peters and Jean Auel i.e. 'Clan of the Cave Bear'. Also, anything by Charles Dickens
Favorite Authors
Charlotte Bronte', Anne Perry, Elizabeth Peters, Kathleen and Michael Gear, Charles Dickens, Jean Auel
Favorite Music
40's, Jazz and Big Band. Musical Comedy.
Favorite Movies
Wizard of OZ
Story of a young girl who fights neglect, cruelty and abuse to emerge victorious.
Rated: E
~2,003 Words
Women's, Mystery, Personal
Type: Novel
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A thought-provoking essay on self-doubt and what others may see in us that we cannot.
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~259 Words
Contest Entry, Personal, Self Help
Type: Prose
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