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December 5 1982
Arkansas, USA
About Me
Hobby writer. Married with three kitties. Just trying to figure out what I want to do with myself sometimes. I live a somewhat comfortable life with my man, playing games and daydreaming about what I'm going to write someday.
Type of Writer
I try to write for my own enjoyment, but there's a part of me deep down inside that wishes I could make a tiny profit.
Writing Style
I don't know how to categorize my writing. Perhaps "dark," "supernatural," and full of magic. My own personal fan fiction.
Video Games; Xbox; Documentaries; Space/NASA; Science; History; Netflix/Hulu; Magic; Vampires; Mythologies; Supernatural Creatures
My Blog
Favorite Genres
Supernatural; Suspense; Magic; Magic Meets Modern; Sword and Sorcery; Sci-fi; Cyberpunk
Favorite Books
The Forever War (Joe Haldeman); The Dollanganger Series (V.C. Andrews); Starship Troopers (Robert A. Heinlein)
Favorite Authors
Joe Haldeman; Robert A. Heinlein; V.C. Andrews; J. K. Rowling; Rick Riordan; Phillip K. Dick
Favorite Poets
Henry David Thoreau (Smoke is my favorite of all poems)
Favorite Quote
"Look! I have one job on this lousy ship, it's *stupid*, but I'm gonna do it! Okay?"
Favorite Music
Alternative Rock; Hard Rock; Instrumental Covers; Rock Covers of older songs
Favorite Movies
Moonstuck; Pacific Rim; The Alien Series; Galaxy Quest; The Star Wars Series; 80's films in general
Favorite Shows
Star Trek:DS9; Biographies; Documentaries; Intervention; Hoarders; Basically, if you're falling apart, I want to watch it (I'm horrible).
Winner of Paranormal Romance Short Story Contest. NOV 2016: "Romance With a Fallen Angel"
Rated: E
~1,174 Words
Contest Entry, Romance/Love, Paranormal
Type: Short Story
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