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December 15 1966
About Me
To start, I love to write! Yes yes yes!! I write about many things. Nature, family, real life issues. I tend to let my mind wander in other places. I invite you to take a look around my port and maybe there is something you can relate to. I want to thank Marci Missing Everyone for taking me under her wing and guiding me to higher places on the site."Your life is your book, only you can write the ending chapter."
Type of Writer
I write poetry mostly. I love to dabble in just about anything. A challenge is always good for the mind.
Writing Style
I write with emotion is almost everything I write. sometimes it is personal but mostly it isn't
Writing of course! My garden of course! Reading of course! Pondering life.
Favorite Genres
Drama Mystery thrillers without the gore
Favorite Books
Way too many to count. "Tara Road" is a favorite "Simple Abundance" is my everyday read and has been for many years. I read every day every year.
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    Along the horizon lies the sun with spears of the devoted
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    Memories made in the fields of summer
Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/lifelessons