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North America, near an airport in flyover country
About Me
Whatever you've read about me is a lie. I know. I wrote it.
Type of Writer
YA fantasy.
Writing Style
Much more focused on relationships than action.
Music. Travel. History. Food. Cognition. Identity and how that impact politics. Politics in general. Transportation. Urban Planning. CGI. Religion. Many things that are commercially unviable and thus hard to participate where I live.
Favorite Genres
Lit-Fic-y stuff; espionage-focused mystery; fantasy; spec fiction, lit-fic-y romance. Apparently, stories about cats.
Favorite Authors
Jojo Moyes. If she has a new novel out, don't even pretend I'll read anything else until it's done. Marcus Zuzak John Green Neal Stephenson from the Baroque Cycle and before. No, wait, there was a good one after that Lisa Bardugo
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/londonwrites