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December 6 1968
Texas (about 30 miles south of downtown Houston)
About Me
I'm a bit different. If you read my port you will see I write many different genre's. I have a sense of humor & like to share it. Some may say I'm quirky, it's probably true. I try to always be very honest and kind. I have a soft heart but a nasty sarcastic wit if messed with. I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis & due to some of my medical issues I don't get to write as often as I would like. Was widowed but remarried with a 16yr old son who lives with us & I love dearly.
Writing Style
I just write. I sit down and just let it flow. I don't care about spelling, grammar, punctuation or perfect paragraphs.
Writing. Music. My husband & son & our silly little dog Chilly, the Chaweenie. My new house & the decorating. The landscaping we have to have done. Painting crafty things. Love to cross stitch but can't do it often with the problems from MS.
Favorite Books
I'm totally engrossed in Robert Jordan's The Wheel Of Time series. My husband got me to read the first book, not telling me that at the time there were 12 books in the series. I am totally lost in book 14 right now.
Favorite Authors
Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson, who is writing with Robert Jordan's work, to finish The Wheel of Time series. Good in his own work too. So many great authors I'd have to sit and think a while to make a real list.
Favorite Quote
"We're just two lost souls living in a fish bowl, year after year" Ok so that's a lyric in a Pink Floyd song but still. Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often Be silly, be kind, be honest.
Favorite Music
I love music & listen to almost anything, classical, oldies to new alternative rock. You'll find me listening to anything from Aerosmith & ABBA to ZZ Top. 6 cd's in my car stereo Korn,Stone Sour, Journey, Eagles, Pink Floyd & George Stait. Told ya:)
Favorite Movies
Like music I like lots of genre's in movies. Forrest Gump, Big, Liar Liar to Silence of the Lambs & Copy Cat. It usually depends on my mood as to what I will be watching. I don't usually like to watch movies more than once but there are exceptions.
Just becuase this house had no furniture in it didn't mean it was empty.
Rated: 13+
~7,297 Words
Thriller/Suspense, Ghost, Horror/Scary
Type: Novella
Updated about a year ago
Call a pool company might get hiring summer lifeguards
Rated: E
~509 Words
Comedy, Entertainment, Satire
Type: Short Story
Updated about a year ago
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