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August 6 1972
Once you think you hit nowhere keep going
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I write what I know best and then I lie a little -
Writing Style
Take a look - it all depends on my mood
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Favorite Genres
I love a good book, but the back of a cereal box will work too
Favorite Books
The Complete Works Of Winnie the Pooh The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe Alligator Pie Where the Sidewalk Ends
Favorite Authors
VC Andrews John Saul
Favorite Poets
Edgar Allan Poe
Favorite Quote
I want to be just like Barbie - that witch has it all What would you do if you werent afraid Some people care to much I think it is called love Call me a fool or something -- oh no not that one I dated him already
Favorite Music
I listen to it all -- music is relative to your mood
Favorite Movies
They have a character limit - how can anyone actually list all the great movies out there Gone with the Wind Casablanca Dr Zhivago Sound of Music Guess Whos Coming To Dinner Grease Mclintock The Lion King and the list goes on and on
A look at yester - year.
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Rants Raves and opinions of this and that
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    For all things special in one way or another.....
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    A look at yester - year.
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    Rants Raves and opinions of this and that
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    Pictures are worth a thousand words - A silent story in each one
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    It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye - Then you just start a new game.
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