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December 29 1940
North Carolina
About Me
I'm 70 years old. I retired from the Marines in 1979. Since then I've owned a couple of convenience stores and a dry cleaning business.I've even done a stint as a shrimp boat skipper. I'm presently the Chairman of The Board and a mentor at the CreativeWritingInstitute.com
Type of Writer
I write short stories, freelance ad copy, and magazine articles.
Writing Style
I find that hard to nail down because of the many types of writing I do. I seem to be able to adapt and adjust styles.
Writing, reading all genres, golf, wood carving, and playing my banjo that I've owned for over 40 years. We own five rental homes so I'm pretty handy with the hammer and monkey wrench.
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Romance, Mystery, Fantasy.
Favorite Authors
Nelson Demille, Ken Follett Sue Monk Kidd, Stephen King, Jennifer Donnely, Edward Rutherfurd and so many more.
Favorite Poets
Poe, S. V. Bennet,
Favorite Music
Anything but heavy metal and rap.
Favorite Movies
Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Caddy Shack The TV special "A Band of Brothers." The TV series "NCIS" The BBC TV series "Waiting on God," "As Time Goes By," and "Keeping up Appearances."
A true story straight out of the Old West.
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Biographical, History, Regional
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Extracting childhood memories
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    A collection of short stories
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