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September 7 1994
About Me
Hey!!! I've been writing since I was in the second grade. i love doing it and my mind is always conjuring up new ideas. My brother has helped my imagination grow though roleplays we do together. I call them imagination boosters. I'm very random and I love to venture to the wild side of things. I'm usually the dare devil of my class. Another one of my talents is art and i"m currently taking art2 in highschool. I may upload a few snipits of my work soon ^-^
Type of Writer
I don't really fit in a category. I right in all genres and types. I'm the wild chic that tries everything once ;)
Writing Style
I would say all my writings are pretty descriptive and sometimes I can go over board so help me out please! Hahaha
I love reading writing and drawing. I also love being outside surrounded with nature. there is nothing more beautiful. Though most people with my tastes are docile creatures, I'm a melting pot of things; I also love sports! Cross Country and Track!!!
Website / Homepage
idk. I have to many Lol
My Blog
GenuineMe on thoughts.com
Favorite Genres
Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and Virtual Villagers
Favorite Books
Gone With The wind, Ingo series, Whisper in The Wind, Echoe in The Darkness, and Curious George
Favorite Authors
Frank Peretti, Tedd Dekker, and my friends
Favorite Poets
Edgar Aleen Poe
Favorite Quote
Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. -Gone With The Wind (movie)
Favorite Music
screamo, alternative rock, alternative, techno
Favorite Movies
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Sound of Music, How The Grinch Stole Christmas(cartoon version)
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/mackencheese