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November 20 1956
Houston, TX
About Me
I was born in Houston, TX, the fourth of five children. I work part-time at a county hospital and volunteer in the same. It is very rewarding. I am a proud aunt of five and a great-aunt of five. It's the next best thing to being a parent and grandparent. God has been very good to me-my life was saved when I got hit by a drunk driver at a bus stop. I have a rod where my left femur was, as well as pins in my left ankle. But I am up and about.
Type of Writer
I write mainly science fiction, but I have written poetry, lyrics, blogs and articles.
Writing Style
I feel as if my writing style is still developing.
My hobbies are singing, movies, "devouring" books, eating out,Sudoku and Word Searches, interactive story groups, blogging, Facebook games and social media, swimming, spending time with my friends and family, learning about everything I can.
Favorite Genres
science fiction, fantasy, self-help, inspirational, some mainstream stuff
Favorite Books
Stranger in a Strange Land, Space Triolgy, the Doona series, Firebird, Lord of the Rings series, Pelican Brief, The Chamber, Net Force, Jurrasic Park,The Foriegner series, Next, plus inspirational and self-help books like "Boundaries" and the Bible
Favorite Authors
CJ Cherryh,Robert A Heinlein, Anne McCarfrey, JRR Tolkein, Michael Crichton, John Grisham, Kathy Tyers, etc.
Favorite Quote
"If you know the power of hope and faith, you don't have to wait for your circumstances to change to start celebrating." Joyce Meyer
Favorite Movies
My tastes run from "The Sound of Mucic," "Dreambirls," and "You've Got Mail" to "Fifth Element" and "I, Robot."
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/margot77us