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London, former Amsterdam
Type of Writer
In my head mostly. The few things I've been able to write, are no where near the dreamt perfection I wanted to achieve *Bigsmile*
Writing Style
Poems and non-fiction. I would love to write fiction, but I think I lack the imagination.
Everything actually. But let me reduce that to family, religion, horses, rabbits, computers (Linux!), art, cultures, the sub-continent. Eating (I'm an addict).
Favorite Music
I like a lot, from Bach to Sjostakovich, from Motown to Bowie to Supertramp. And from Louis Armstrong to Kurt Weil to Indian music. As long as it is not too sweet and as long as the music evokes emotion.
Favorite Movies
Una Giornata Particolare; La Dolce Vita; Oblomow; Love Actually; Some like it hot; Casablanca; Dangerous Liaisons; Harry Potter; Lord of the rings; Oceans Eleven; some indian movies. And more.
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How I wish to write lively poetry.
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Do you get blinded by hell?
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Dedicated to promoting positivity, encouragement, and support to the WDC community.
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    Please VOTE, to tell from which part of the World you are
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    Personal stories, opinion, sport-articles, religious items etc.
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    Please vote to tell how "international" your life is
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    Haiku written for the 'WDC 18th Birthday Poetry Challenge'
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    A folder to hold my pieces written to prompts.
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