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October 18 1994
Leicester, England
About Me
I've written since I was in primary school, but my real love for the craft didn't start until about 2009. I joined WDC in 2010 and have loved every moment of it. My skill in writing has improved ridiculously fast thanks to the support I receive from WDC members, especially those part of the CSFS.
Type of Writer
Diverse. I write short stories, comedy, serious stuff, articles and am writing a novel. They're all mainly fantasy.
Writing Style
I don't use flowery language. I like to keep the style very much in fitting with the character whose perspective I'm using.
writing, piano, science, computers, medicine, gaming
Website / Homepage
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Favorite Genres
Fantasy, Comedy, Sci-fi, action, horror, crime (when mixed with fantasy and/or comedy)
Favorite Books
The Martian, Dresden Files, The Final Empire (Mistworld Book 1), The Nursery Crime Stories, HIVE, Villain.net, Harry Potter
Favorite Authors
Andy Weir, Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson, Jasper Fforde, Mark Walden, Andy Briggs , JK Rowling
Favorite Poets
Rudyard Kipling
Favorite Quote
Those who do not read a good book have no advantage over those who can't read.
Favorite Movies
Marvel Films, Sixth Sense, Ted, Inception, The Harry Potter films
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    Everything to do with the FSFS is stored in here.
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    A place for all my sigs. Made by me or gifted by others.
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