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December 14 1967
Suffolk in England
About Me
Retired from corporate world due to serious health problems. Purchased a boarding kennels and cattery. Then got really really sick. Survived and decided to do what I always dreamt of doing. So now I write.
Type of Writer
Trying for a broad brush but with a little humanity and dark corners sprinkled in.
Writing Style
I love dialogue and description.
Other than writing and talking? History, science, astronomy, metal detecting. Oh and let's not forget my wife three children and four grandchildren.
Group Memberships
The talent pond
Favorite Genres
Floating somewhere between historic, action, science fiction and classics
Favorite Books
John Wyndham, Day of the Triffids Ray Bradbury, the golden apples of the sun
Favorite Authors
John Wyndham Ray Bradbury
Favorite Poets
Walt Whittman
Favorite Quote
I am not lost, Kansas is lost!
Favorite Music
Classical, Debussy Batehoven Elgar
Favorite Movies
Cyrano de bergeraque
Favorite Shows
Tinker Tailor,
writen from the perspective of a garden fork and covering the life time of one man.
Rated: E
~725 Words
*Dollar* 75 GPs per review
Emotional, Fantasy, History
Type: Short Story
Updated 13 years ago
A very short story inspired by a woman I helped outside a department store one Christmas.
Rated: E
~941 Words
*Dollar* 75 GPs per review
Emotional, Drama, Inspirational
Type: Short Story
Updated 13 years ago
Ever been caught up in a story?
Rated: 13+
~1,296 Words
*Dollar* 158 GPs per review
Supernatural, Gothic, Writing
Type: Short Story
Updated 13 years ago
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