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June 28 1973
Howard City, MI.
Next to writing, I am very interested in gardening. I make my own salsa using only ingredients I grow myself. I find this hobby very relaxing at times, but is also time consuming. Want to grow a lot of sage since it is hardy and multifunctional.
Favorite Genres
Horror, Sci-fi, Metaphysics, Sciences,
Favorite Books
The Stand, The Case of Dexter Ward, Midnight, The Art of War, How to Make Friends and Influence Others,
Favorite Authors
Howard Phillip Lovecraft, Stephen King, Dean R. Koontz,
Favorite Poets
Robert Frost
Favorite Music
Slayer! Absolutely love the demi-gods of DEATH METAL!!! But, don't label me yet, I also like most 80's big hair bands like Poison and Motley Crue as well as the roots of gangsta rap from this time, like NWA and EZE. Classic rock from the 70's also.
Favorite Movies
I LOVE MOVIES! I am a fan of a wide variety, I even enjoy B-Rated low budget films and Independent Films. Both Young Guns are excellent. The Cabin in the Woods, Ted, Fargo, True Romance, Four Rooms, Natural Born Killers, Sin City, the list goes on...
Favorite Shows
I am a die hard Walking Dead fan! I also enjoy Justified, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, The Whitest Kids U-Know, Supernatural, almost all adult content cartoons; Unsupervised, Family Guy, American Dad, Archer, etc.
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    A place to store my writings for my paracosm- The World Beneath the Surface.
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    Poem for Stormy's Poetry Newsletter and Contest here on the WdC
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    State to state, even across the sea; She will always follow and find me...
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    Author's Note: This is some free verse I wrote in 15 minutes in the summer of 2010.
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    What is a Paracosm? Mine is a place I retreat to when I want escape from this world.
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