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November 18
Daniel House, MSPC 1st Lane, Tikiapara, N Bantra
About Me
***Scribe by avocation, blood, choice, vocation, vision, will and alphas ***Scribe to scribe in my own, original style, diction, structure, symphony, order, expressed in three Indian languages, including foreign language English ***Scribe scribes on all subjects of life and living, mostly spiritual, God and God's activities and in all genres of literature ***Scribe to scribe specially in scribe, acrostic poetic and lyrical structure, form, format, foundation, framework of expression
Type of Writer
Literary, non-literary, poetic, lyrical in known genres on philosophy, history, sociology, political sc, ed, moral sc, psycho
Writing Style
Own, lively, light, humorous, vigorous, inspirational, motivational, energetic, positive, humane, epical poetic, and artistic
Living and Personality Development, Morality-Ethics, Man-Humanity, Religion-Sociology-Psychology, Economics-Polity-Civilization, Painting-Sculpture-Art-Culture, History, Languages, Philosophy, Religious Philosophy, God, God's Creation-Activities
Group Memberships
The Poet's Place, Expressive Reviewers, Daniellian Fellowship
Favorite Genres
Fictions, Essays, Articles, Poetry, Epics, Limerick, Quotes, Lyrics, Songs, Lyrical Plays-Dramas-Ballads, Fables, Notes
Favorite Books
Most of the worldly popular and recognised classics, works by immortal sagely scribers, scribers, destined scribers, poets, playwrights, novelists, story writers, short story writers, written, circulated, and published between 15,000 BC and 1930 AD
Favorite Authors
Valmiki (15,000 BC), Vedavyas (14,500 BC), Aesop (620 BC), Aristotle (385 BC), Kalidasa (300 AD), Homer (900 BC), Chaucer (1340 AD), Shaw (1856 AD), Tagore (1861 AD), Vivekananda (1863 AD), Yeats (1865 AD), Rolland (1866 AD), Aurobindo (1872 AD)
Favorite Poets
Maharshi Valmiki (scribe of the world's first epic Ramayana), Maharshi Veda Vyas (scribe of world's 2nd epic Mahabharata), Aristotle, Homer (Writer of 3rd & 4th epics), Aesop, Kalidasa, Chaucer, Shaw, Tagore, Vivekananda, Yeats, Rolland, Aurobindo G
Favorite Quote
A teacher, scribe, learner, follower and disciple of God, love to write and scribe Acrostic poetry, poetic, lyrical, rhyme poetry, acrostic poetic verse and lyrical verse
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