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Tikiapara, Bantra, Gr. Kolkata (Calcutta), India
About Me
Scriber by passion and occupation Scribe in my own style, structure, symphony, order, language. Scribe on all subjects and in all genres. Scribe is specially in poetic structure, framework or art of expression.
Type of Writer
Literary, mostly poetic, in all genres, non-literary on philosophy, history, sociology, political sc, ed, moral sc, psycho
Writing Style
Own, lively, light, humorous, vigorous, inspirational, motivational, energetic, positive, humane, epic poetic, artistic
Living and Personality Development, Morality and Ethics, Man and Humanity, Religion-Sociology and Psychology, Economics and Civilization, Painting and Sculpture, Art and Culture, History and Achievements, Languages and Living, Philosophy and God
Group Memberships
WDC Power Reviewers Group, Showering Acts of Joy Group, The Talent Pond Group, WDC Addicts Anonymous Group, Traditional Poetry Group, Faith Devotion and Study Group, Newbie Help and Support Group, The Poet's Place Patio Group, and other Groups
Favorite Genres
Fictions, Essays, Articles, Poetry, Epics, Limerick, Quotes, Lyrics, Songs, Lyrical Plays, Ballads, Fables, Criticism, Notes
Favorite Books
Most of the world classics, works by immortal scribers, poets, playwrights, novelists, story writers written and published between 13,000 BC and 1930 AD
Favorite Authors
Valmiki (8,000 BC), Vedavyas (7,500 BC), Aesop (620 BC), Aristotle (385 BC), Kalidasa (300 AD), Homer (900 BC), Chaucer (1340 AD), Shaw (1856 AD), Tagore (1861 AD), Vivekananda (1863 AD), Yeats (1865 AD), Rolland (1866 AD), Aurobindo (1872 AD)
Favorite Poets
Valmiki, Vedavyas, Aristotle, Homer, Aesop, Kalidasa, Chaucer, Shaw, Tagore, Vivekananda, Yeats, Rolland, Auroibindo
Favorite Quote
A po scriber learner
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    An acrostic verse about appreciation of God and success in living
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    A 21 Line Acrostic Poem in Rhymes; how I celebrated Happy WDC Birthday
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