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May 30 1980
South Africa
About Me
I live in Benoni, South Africa. Home of Charlize Theron and Princess Charlene of Monaco. I love to write, read and learn. Spending time with family and friends is a delicious delight for me. I've traveled a great deal collecting amazing stories along the way. I run a freelance business from home and relish working in the townships, meeting such extraordinary people that come from such humble origins. I hope to be able to become a published writer.
Type of Writer
I write mainly in the genres drama thriller and science fiction. Also nonfiction with a dramatic feel. I'm a free verse poet.
Writing Style
I generally try to place great emphasis on emotion and feeling both from the characters but also the events.
I love helping wild animals, I enjoy going once a month to watch drifting championships. I enjoy traveling.
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Drama PsychologicalThriller Poetry Essays
Favorite Books
Who killed a mockingbird The Alchemist. A tree grows in Brooklyn. Portuguese poetry by Fernando Pessoa
Favorite Authors
Harper Lee Paulo Coelho James Paterson Fernando Pessoa Betty Smith Jose Saramago
Favorite Poets
Fernando Pessoa Bocage James Joyce Edgar Alen Poe Walt Whitman
Favorite Quote
Zulu proverb: 'Always remember a river has two banks.When wanting to get across always remember to test the waters with a stick to see how deep it is before jumping in.Like that you will never drown.'
Favorite Music
Brazilian music A fine Frenzy Krezip Kane(Netherlands) Elvis Blue (South Africa) Fado (Portuguese)
Favorite Movies
The matrix The bourne series James Bond The story of benjamin Button Ps I love you Terminator series Alien series
Favorite Shows
House Castle NCIS Burn notice White collar Bones Survivor Dirty Jobs Lie to me Leverage The pretender
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