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About Me
I'm still in high school, and I would say I'm an average student panicking about my A-levels next year. Mother always told me not to talk to strangers online, but hey, I'm already here, so I might as well get to know a few more people who share the same interests as I do.
Type of Writer
3000-word-per-day-writer (this is completely false, school is now making me drop to 1000 words a day)
Writing Style
Holed up in my room like a hermit crab, listening to music through my earphones, and referring to my notes as I write.
Oh, there's quite a bit. Writing, reading, badminton, hiking, mountaineering, muay-thai, playing video games, listening to music, watching TV shows, and most of all, getting lost in my own thoughts. I'm trying not to do that, though.
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Favorite would have to be the Sci-fi / Thriller genre. Fantasy is in second place. Third would probably be post-apocalyptic.
Favorite Books
I love the Temple Chronicles by Shayne Silvers. The Peculiar children series is a second tied with the Apocalypse series. I can also go beyond just books and talk about my favourite manga, which would either be Attack on Titan or Rezero.
Favorite Authors
Shayne Silvers. I plotted my series with my sights set on his style of writing, which is full of revelations, foreshadowing, and twists that one never expects until it is revealed!
Favorite Poets
Favorite Quote
"At the turn of the millennium plus twenty years, some Asian idiot on the internet will make up stuff and claimed I said it." - Nostradamus, 1558
Favorite Movies
Ever watched 'The Count of Monte Cristo'? Second place has got to be the entire Pirates of the Carribbean franchise, though. Third place has to be No Game No Life: Zero.
Favorite Shows
For Sci-Fi/Thriller, it would have to be 12 Monkeys again. For Fantasy, Attack on Titan and Rezero fill both the Thriller and Fantasy niche, and the recent Deca-Dence also fulfils the Sci-Fi/Thriller/Fantasy niche.
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    The completely revised version of the first book in the seven book series, 'Box'
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    Go read Box: Detach instead!
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    Read the introduction!
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