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May 3
Orlando, Florida
About Me
I'm a misplaced mountain-lover, stuck in flat, hot, Florida because this is where most of my family lives. I like hiking, and mountains, and lakes, and rivers...
Type of Writer
Most of my readers end up laughing or crying, so I guess that makes me an emotional writer, or something.
Writing Style
Often quirky. Sometimes serious. My stories are unusual.
Intensely disliking the stray cat I took in. Being wild and crazy. Extensively exercising. Is that a sport? Reading a lot. Writing when I'm feeling weird. Thinking about stuff like neutrinos.
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Favorite Genres
sci-fi, adventure, paranormal, supernatural, but not vampires or fantasy.
Favorite Books
Really? This box is too small. And the list changes every time I read something new. Interestingly enough, I don't always read books in the genres I write.
Favorite Authors
Too many! And the list is always growing. I'm more likely to read a cross-section of books and meet varying authors, rather than focus on one author and follow a series.
Favorite Poets
I don't like poetry, but Kahil Gibran was part of my growing up process. There has to be a better way to phrase that. Favorite poem: The Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
Favorite Quote
I'd have to go look up something.
Favorite Music
Rock and roll. Mostly 70's 80's and 90's.
Favorite Movies
Dirty Dancing Edukators - It's German Mostly Martha - also German Last of the Dogmen Farscape-The Peacekeeper Wars Firefly/Serenity Avatar Star Treks
Favorite Shows
TV's not much fun anymore. Actually it never was. I binge watch brain-dead when I can'think.
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