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October 11 1991
About Me
I am an ESL teacher in China. I have recently realized that writing is my create release. After search for nearly 10 years of my life, I am finally able to lay down at night and sleep because I wrote the thoughts that are constantly swimming in my head. I write as often as I can or as often as I need too.
Type of Writer
I am new to writing on a regular basis so I am not sure yet.
Writing Style
I am new to writing but I think creative writing counts? I am still figuring this out.
I have been studying various martial arts (taekwondo, Philippine stick fighting, taichi and Chinese broadsword) for almost a year now.
Favorite Genres
Action, Mystery
Favorite Authors
Edgar Allen Poe (He is really too dark for me but something just draws me in and keeps me there) Charles Dickons
Favorite Poets
I love reading poetry but I don't have a favorite poet
Favorite Quote
"A good writer WRITES until they have extracted every bit of juice from their creative selves. Only then, does a good writer stop to edit." Post on this site
Favorite Music
Classical, Jazz, Classic and Southern Rock, Christian and Gospel
Favorite Movies
Eagle Eye, Inception, Divergent
Favorite Shows
Anything Espionage (Mostly) or Action
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    Items that don't fit in other folders. Things like hooks, book chapters and more.
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    About talent
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    A rap song that I wrote for saying goodbye to 2020. Video to be post on YouTube by Jan 1st
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    An award for Schnujo!
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    Voting for theTLC Support Raffle Trinket design
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/nljones