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September 7
Midwest, US
About Me
I am a young writer trying to get a handle on my skills. I have always had a passion for words. Aside from taking various free online classes, my current endeavor is to create a literary magazine, aimed at the culture of gaming. I have a blog at https://swordsandspellslitmag.wordpress.com detailing my intentions. I'm still learning -- sadly never managed to get to college -- but I'm more than delighted to be on this path.
Type of Writer
I write fiction, fanfiction and recently fantasy. I like to focus on emotional/psychological character issues in my stories.
I enjoy various entertainment outlets, mainly video games and watching anime, but I also craft. I am an avid seamstress and I've recently learned to crochet. I'm fascinated with Egypt's history, and would love to travel there some day.
Website / Homepage
https://swordsandspellslitmag.wordpress.com -- A blog for videogame fiction.
Favorite Genres
I like dark stories, stories with emotional drama and high adventure stories. Sci-fi isn't my favorite but I make exceptions.
Favorite Books
I read a lot of manga and I follow a few long series. Yu-Gi-Oh is my top favorite, Fruits Basket and Vampire Knight coming in next. The original six Last Vampire books by Christopher Pike have been my favorite novels as long as I can remember.
Favorite Authors
Christopher Pike has been my favorite author for most of my life, and I own as many of his books as I have been able to get my hands on. James Patterson is new on my list, and I've started with his Maximum Ride series, which I love dearly.
Favorite Quote
"We're all okay until the day we're not." Rise Against.
Favorite Music
I love modern rock. My favorite band is the recently-disbanded Sick Puppies. Porcupine Tree quickly follows. I listen to some alternative as well. When I'm writing I love to listen to fantasy movie soundtracks. The Hobbit and LOTR works great!
Favorite Movies
I don't watch many movies but cling to the big ones. I love Thor and Iron Man, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a lot of Tim Burton's stuff. Secret Window (Johnny Depp) also rates pretty high.
Favorite Shows
My favorite show is an anime, Yu-Gi-Oh, closely followed by Fullmetal Alchemist and Sword Art Online. I watch Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Switched At Birth and a few other dramas.
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