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December 5
one tall sunflower deep in the heart of Texas
About Me
Poetry was what first sparked the linguistic magic within me. By spring 2013, I hope to designate which poems, photos, and illustrations will go into Bipolar Daydreams, which has been a long time in the planning. Likely to self-publish by the summer with AuthorHouse.com . I'm writing web content articles for clients, and getting geared up for my school year tutoring business. I'm keeping tanned by watering my little garden, BBQing, and constant cat dog play.
Type of Writer
fiction, short stories, informational web articles, academic essays, opinion-editorial, poetry
Writing Style
personal in fiction, informative in articles, creative in poetry. Eccentric and moody verse, with a philosophical twist
Gardening, pets, interior decorating landscaping, aquarium fishes, mycology, painting walls and painting canvas. Use of cloth store yards of material for draping--I like the sparkly stuff.
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Favorite Link
Favorite Books
Emily Dickinson's Poetry
Favorite Authors
Hemingway, Jean Auel, F. Scott Fitzgerald
Favorite Poets
Emily Dickinson. Walt Whitman, Carl Sandberg, Robert Frost, e e cummins Shel Silverstein
Favorite Music
Classic Rock and Roll
Favorite Movies
To Have and Not Have, Turner and Hooch, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Harold & Maude
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