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April 16 1960
Lawrence, KS at the moment
About Me
I have been writing since I was about eight. At least that's the earliest I can remember writing. Maybe that's because I wrote a story that was so good it was used as an example of how a story should be written. It might be. But I doubt it. That was back in the stone age when cave people lived. I've probably been writing longer than that. I wouldn't be surprised if I was born with a pencil and a piece of paper in my hand.
Type of Writer
I write mostly scripts, original movies and television scripts, and novels. But lately have been writing short stories too.
Writing Style
I'm not sure what my writing style is. You would probably have to ask my Reviewers that question.
Outside of writing I don't have much in the way of interests. Writing is my life. I do it as much as I can. Unfortunately, I can't pay my bills with it - yet. I do love to bowl though. And do it every chance I can.
My Blog
I don't have a Blog. At least not yet.
Group Memberships
I'm not a member of any groups on this account yet. But I am on one or two, I think, on my primary account - PureSciFi.
Favorite Link
Writer's Cramp
Favorite Link
Mix and Match Contest FKA Genre Times Four
Favorite Link
Dialogue 500 - and No Dialogue now too
Favorite Genres
Science Fiction of course. I also dabble in Mystery, Action/Adventure and Drama. A little in Romance, Horror and suspense.
Favorite Books
Pretty much anything Science Fiction - especially the non-technical ones. I also love Mysteries and Action/Adventures too.
Favorite Authors
There are a lot of authors that I like. But I can't say that I have a favorite, or favorites, one. That includes both Writing.com and the rest of the universe.
Favorite Poets
I'm not really into poetry. Probably because I couldn't write a poem if it would save my life if I did.
Favorite Quote
I'll have to think about this one. I don't think I have one.
Favorite Music
Rock and Roll - what else is there. My favorite group is KISS. But I also like The Eagles, Queen, Kansas, Styx and ZZ Top too.
Favorite Movies
Pretty much anything Science Fiction. But I also like Mystery, Action/Adventure, Drama and Comedy too.
Favorite Shows
Again it's pretty much Science Fiction. But also the ones I just mention above.
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