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December 7 1992
Right behind you.
About Me
Everything is relative. I'd call myself interesting, sarcastic, crazy and unique. I am an atheist and a child of divorce, but that's not particularly interesting. Wait...never mind about that first thing. You know what? Read my posts and decide for yourself. Hopefully I'm not that far off the mark about me. I don't really belong to a cult or community. You know, I'm not goth or emo or aything like that. I'm actually more of a sunshiney person...?
Type of Writer
Philosophy and mystery are my favorites, but I'm adaptable.
Writing Style
Rhetorical and casual.
Philosophy, psychology, sociology, cynicism, Latin, the world and those strange, elusive creatures called humans.
Website / Homepage
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Philosophy; Comedy; Drama; Adventure; Mystery; Fantasy.
Favorite Books
Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, Chaos Walking, Mysterious Benedict Society, Spud, Inkheart, Plato and Platypus Walk into a Bar, Heideggar and a Hippo Walk Through those Pearly Gates, Shadow of the Wind, Animal Farm, 1984 & Mr. Men.
Favorite Authors
Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Thomas Cathcart, Daniel Klein, Suzanne Collins, Patrick Ness, J. R. R Tolkein, George Orwell, John van de Ruit, J.K Rowling, Trenton Lee Stewart, Meg Rosoff, John Grisham & Roger Hangreaves.
Favorite Poets
Edgar Allen Poe, Alfred Tennyeson, Robert Frost, Robert Heath & Emily Dickinson
Favorite Quote
"Never underestimate the power of human stupidity." - Robert A. Heinlein.
Favorite Music
Maniac; Ice Ice Baby; Shake it Out; Romeo and Juliet; Tunnel of Love; Eternity Is Forgotten; When Love Comes to Town; I Made It; Hey There Delilah.
Favorite Movies
Star Wars; Mr. & Mrs. Smith; Rio; Ice Age; Shrek; Madagascar; Silence of the Lambs; Employee of the Month; Hangover; Harry Potter; Hunger Games; Lord of the Rings; Pretty Woman; Sound of Music; Legally Blonde; Anastasia; Aladdin; Flushed Away.
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    My entry for Something Different Each Month contest for the writing about writing prompt.
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    The scariest emotions you ever felt will redefine everything you've ever known.
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