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October 5
South Florida...aka Hell
About Me
Oh goodness, how to describe myself in 500 characters? I am that I am. Yes, I went there with the God reference. I'm a total dork, truthfully. Let's see, Batman rules my heart, but I also love Captain America, Hawkeye, and Gambit (and Loki). My Doctor is Eleven (yeah, bow ties are cool), my Pagan Gods are many, and Disney probably owns my soul (I love Big Brother). I want nothing more from life than to be the next Neil Gaiman. That's not too ambitious, is it? I didn't think so.
Type of Writer
I prefer fantasy, with a mythological and historical bent. Or light and fun with literary nerd tendencies. And the Bard. Obv.
Writing Style
I like to think I am a weird mixture of Neil Gaiman and Jane Austen, with a dash of comedy. Probably wrong, though.
Only 250 characters? A *very* brief glimpse of my interests: Reading/writing, music with depth, history, political theory, the theater & the cinema, mythology/folklore (including comics), British television, football, futball, being a smart ass, etc.
Website / Homepage
My Blog
Favorite Genres
Fantasy (dark, modern, high, historical etc), steampunk, classics, comedy, history, spy thrillers, occasional SciFi, etc.
Favorite Books
Listen, they only gave me 250 characters to list my favorite books. I could quite literally write a novel-length list of my favorite books and still have enough left over to write a sequel. There is no way I'm listing them all here. Just ask.
Favorite Authors
I guess I'd have to say Neil Gaiman and Jane Austen are my *favorite* (picture sparklers), but there are many, many more that are favorite. Along with Grape. Just ask and I'll talk (metaphorically speaking) your ear off.
Favorite Poets
Tennyson, Whitman, Coleridge, Byron, etc. I prefer the Romantics, obviously. I am very much aware Whitman is not a Romantic, of course. Still like him, though. Also Shakespeare. Can't omit the Bard. Ever.
Favorite Quote
"Grant me chastity, oh Lord. But not yet!" -St. Augustine (Not because I'm some hussy, or anything, but because of the irony.)
Favorite Music
Classical, Broadway hits, Alternative and Indie rock (ye Gods, I sound like a hipster), Motown, 90s Pop, World (especially Celtic and Middle Eastern stuff), and Classic Rock.
Favorite Movies
Holy crap, I have to pick? Really? And I'm expected to do this, yet again, with 250 characters? I'm sorry, but the pressure is just too much! *head goes asplode* Ghostbusters and The Wizard of Oz are a good place to start, if you must know.
Favorite Shows
I have Netflix and Hulu+ and Amazon Prime Instant Video AND HBOGo. There is enough television in my life to distract me for the rest of my life. My interests should indicate the kind of stuff I'm likely to watch. Or just ask. (Jon Snow isn't dead.)
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