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December 26 1980
Eastern Oklahoma, USA
About Me
Discovering the parts of me I always felt but never saw, when I write, my spirit feels released from the husk tethering it to the finite world. Nothing is as exciting as watching a work inhale on its own for the first time, to see magic manifest in the inked story of the once virginal page. And there's little in life as satisfactory as meeting the reflection of an existence within the hours and sweat created within the cover. Writing makes me a better human and is, therefore, spiritual.
Type of Writer
I'm not published. I'm learning what kind of writer I am. You should come along with, we can figure me out together.
Writing Style
I’m still new, so I’m figuring out my voice and style…I hope to eventually write like me.
I love music and kittens, reading, writing, creating maps and other assorted art to go along with the writing...and I like learning how to be the person I want to be.
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Favorite Genres
I love horror and fantasy, but a good story is a good story.
Favorite Books
"Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes; "The Last Herald Mage" trilogy by Mercedes Lackey; "De Profundis" by Oscar Wilde; "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman; "Song of Fire and Ice" series by George R.R. Martin; "On Writing" by Stephen King; "Jaws"
Favorite Authors
By default, and because I'm biased, my favorite author is Rhymer Reisen. I like all genres and most authors, but Stephen King raised me from a kid, and Rod Serling is doing his part to inspire now.
Favorite Poets
Oscar Wilde, Emily Dickinson, Jewel, Robin Moyer, Langston Hughes, Poe...
Favorite Quote
“Water off a duck’s back, water off a duck’s back…”  
~ Jinx Monsoon
Favorite Music
Kelly Clarkson; Beth Hart; Garth Brooks; “Aida”; Pink; The Beatles; Kristin Chenoweth; Rich Mullins; John Williams; ABBA; The Judds; Martina McBride; Dolly; Cher; Lebo M; Elton John; Harry Styles; Meatloaf; The Monkees; Ace of Base; Stravinski
Favorite Movies
"Grey Gardens"; "The Lion King"; "Jurassic Park"; "The Sound of Music"; "Jaws"; "Gremlins"; "American Beauty"; "But I'm a Cheerleader!"; "In and Out";
Favorite Shows
"The Twilight Zone"; "The Big Bang Theory"; "American Dad"; "Game of Thrones"; "Star Trek: Voyager"; "Land of the Lost"; "South Park"; "King of the Hill"; “Schitt’s Creek”; “Golden Girls”; “RuPaul’s Drag Race”;
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