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About Me
Returned to writing here in 2006. Reception not what I expected. No plans going forward but status quo. If I can turn heads as a nobody, without fake, flowery reviewers meaning to turn my head, I know I'm doing something. Professional (3 time state-awarded) journalist: radio news director, freelance stringer for major Milwaukee paper, wrote/voiced stories for National Public Radio and CBS Radio, TV news assignment editor in Green Bay, college newspaper & literary editor. It all don't mean sh*t.
Type of Writer
Wanna-be novelist of no particular genre. Keep returning to poetry because I'm an undisciplined writer.
Writing Style
You tell me. I'm evolving but don't see where this maturation process is headed.
Staying healthy, maintaining body. I get to brag, if you knew circumstances that have restrained my upkeep. I share images of my physique for proof from time to time. True love, peace & bliss. If I knew where they exist, would love to commune there.
Website / Homepage
My Blog
Group Memberships
Ask Rising Stars what my status is. I think I'm circumpolar at best now. YMCA *flex* I'm not "highly" recruited here. Anyone care to respond?
Favorite Genres
I confess: RomCom, just this side of The Notebook...unless I've been drinking.
Favorite Poets
Emily Dickinson, ee cummings, William Carlos Williams to begin with... I could read modern poets, but no one coalesces for me at this moment.
Favorite Music
Eclectic. I'll pass on most rap, even though I'll vibe with it.
Favorite Movies
Anything where the malevolent misunderstood anti-hero (we'll call him) is redeemed and walks off leaving everyone behind, except that one person who understands his darkness, joins him because together they unify as kindred souls. North By Northwest
Favorite Shows
Community (binged 11x) Gilmore Girls Private Eyes Monk The Office (Michael/Jim/Pam) Letter Kenny (season 7 meh) NO REALITY NO POLICE PROCEDURALS NO SHOWS W/ CORPSES (even if RomCom) Unless, Dexter (he could be me)
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    A new decade of musings from poetry to what inspires; casting words like seed worldwide.
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    I shine now, though the laws of physics cannot explain reversal for a former dwarf star.
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    The sad need for recognition to know one actually does exist in your world.
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    Journalist caught in the story. My last fiction offering.
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    The artist fears to commit to his subject. 🥇 TOP 10 WDC Hall of Fame Poem 🥇
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/ripglaedr3