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July 11 1976
United States
About Me
I am basic; not noticeably pretty or smart, friendly but not real social able, devoted to my family and friends like most, basically just an average type person. You know the kind that blend in so well they are all but invisible, that is me. However, I write! I write; to cope, to release my imagination, to be professional, to track dreams, convey thoughts and to just feed my addition to writing. I write all the time and have as long as I can remember.
Type of Writer
I use many types of writing from professional correspondence to opinion articles, I dabble in a little bit of it all.
I enjoy reading just as much as I enjoy writing. Although I will read mostly romance and fantasy books, I do venture into other genres from time to time.
Favorite Books
Maximum Ride serious by James Patterson
Favorite Authors
James Patterson
Favorite Quote
"Smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to." "Standing horizontal above ground so I must being doing something right." "Same difference." or "Split a Hair."
Favorite Music
I tend to listen to country the most, but I enjoy a wide range of music from golden oldies to new wave metal rock and everything in between.
Favorite Movies
This is a hard question. I can watch "The Sound of Music", "Annie", "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" and "Beaches" repeatedly...yet I also enjoy movies like; "Diverge", "Hunger Games/Catching Fire/Mocking Jay".
Favorite Shows
My TV shows are just as varied as the rest of my likes. A few of the shows that I have truly gotten into over the years are as follows: Family Ties, Growing Pains, Alf, The Cosby Show, Bones, Charmed, House, Brother Property and Army Wives.
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