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February 18 1958
Las Vegas. Oh, right! Nevada
About Me
Hi! I'm Steve and I have been reading for fifty-four years. My influences are all over the map, but mostly spring from genre works. I love to play with words. I've sounded a few clinkers -- better that I sometimes cringe when proofreading than that I fall asleep. The first item of my "faith" in the ink trade is that each piece finds its own audience --- if you are good enough to seize on your luck when it drifts past your fingertips.
Type of Writer
Genre Prose Fiction; Satire
Writing Style
As appropriate, to the best of my abilities. I believe that good limits make good work.
My extended family "Guy toys" -- cars, guns, electronics
My Blog
Favorite Genres
Private Eye/Cop Hard Speculative Fiction Early Urban Fantasy
Favorite Books
Tom Sawyer; the Horatio Hornblower novels and stories; Call of the Wild; Kipling's magical realism-based tales and verse. A Catskill Eagle and Looking for Rachel Wallace Hyperion, et seq.
Favorite Authors
Parker; Chandler; Connelly; Crais. Heinlein, Zelazny, Niven; early Brin, Chalker, GRR Martin.
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    Previously published at Sidelong Socrates, a memoir of the theater.
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    Previously published at Sidelong Socrates. A work in progress.
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