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November 4 1980
Indo-arabian in Tanzania now
About Me
Hi fellow writers, I am a young lass of North Indian-arabian origin., frm Lucknow Aligarh). I have traced my Mesopotamian, Iraqi and Arabian roots. I was born in West Africa (Nigeria- port hartcort), grew up in South Africa( Swaziland) and now Im currently residing in East Africa (Tanzania). To North Africa I may never go but there I can send my works perhaps.
Type of Writer
I'm mesmerised by the world of poetry, and writing. Both are in my blood my folks say.
Writing Style
I usually write away my personal life, real life. Or else, being a researcher , I infuse my writings with research, info.
I'm a researcher and observer and love delving into scientific facts too. I also enjoy reading poems esp rhyming and meaningful ones and short real life interesting accounts.. in recess.
My Blog
i tend to incline towards kind ,fair and friendly people
Favorite Genres
Sci nonfiction, blogs and columns and journals, short true stories and poems.
Favorite Poets
Kahlil Gibran William Shakespeare Rabrindnath Tagore , Rumi
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    The feeling of being alive and living life
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    I hope we can fly in heaven
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    The Immortal made mortal beauty
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    Monotheistic Lesson
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    Built by the Mughals.
Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/s.z.kamoonpuri