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April 8 1993
The Cluster: Light Zone/League of 20,000 Planets
About Me
His Divine Shadow is a mystery and always will be
Type of Writer
Writing Style
Mostly second person, dialogue heavy.
Female Feet, Video Games, Star Wars, Sci-Fi, Comics, Anime, Origami, writing.com of course!
Website / Homepage
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Foot Fetish, Fanfiction, Sci-Fi, Erotica
Favorite Books
All Quiet on the Western Front, Capt.Wolf's work in Anime/Video Game Girls Feet Torture, Commander Dartimien's work in I Dream of Genie's Feet
Favorite Authors
Capt.Wolf, Dr. Awesome Funk, .:Arra:., Commander Dartimien, KingsSideCastle, jesstyxx
Favorite Quote
Veni, Vidi, Vici = I Came, I Saw, I Conquered - Julius Caesar
Favorite Music
Pretty much anything Rock and Metal. Admittedly I kind of like J-Pop as well, anime will do that to you.
Favorite Movies
Star Wars, Science Fiction, Superhero movies
Favorite Shows
Comic Book Girls fulfill your foot fetish fantasies
Rated: 18+
1,633 Chapters
Fanfiction, Sci-fi, Other
Type: Interactive
Updated about a month ago
My original creation about a team of super heroes whose leader has a foot fetish
Rated: 18+
336 Chapters
Sci-fi, Teen, Friendship
Type: Interactive
Updated 6 years ago
You are Lexi, the leader of a team of supervillains and you have a foot fetish
Rated: 18+
141 Chapters
Sci-fi, Erotica, Young Adult
Type: Interactive
Updated 7 years ago
Shanna from Super X forms her own team to help out DJ and her old teammates
Rated: 18+
35 Chapters
Sci-fi, Erotica, Teen
Type: Interactive
Updated 8 years ago
This is a foot fetish story about the girls of Gotham.
Rated: 18+
182 Chapters
Erotica, Fanfiction, Action/Adventure
Type: Interactive
Updated 9 days ago
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