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August 23 1946
About Me
I am a freelance writer who is branching out more into the freelance arena and have self-published six books. I love to write and learn. I love Writing.com because there is so much to see and do. Besides writing, I love to garden, read and cook.
Type of Writer
Professional writer
Writing Style
I like to write fiction--mostly mysteries and also how to find more joy and purpose in life.
writing, reading, crafts, interesting DVDs. I also like to shop, rearrange furniture, wax cars and help those who need special assistance--like the elderly.
Favorite Genres
Mystery, Inspirational,Science
Favorite Books
The Picture of Dorian Gray, anything by Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes
Favorite Authors
Agatha Christie and Dean Koontz I especially like to read Rick Warren's words and books. His views on Christianity are wonderful and so helpful.
Favorite Quote
Time and money wait for no man...And, to each his own.
Favorite Music
Camelot, Sound of Music and classical, Jazz,
Favorite Movies
Camelot, The Portrait of Dorian Gray, The Great Gatsby, Home Alone and West Side Story
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/shepherd46