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March 16 1978
Las Vegas, Nv.
About Me
I was once told by my Dr. That I could never work for anybody else. EVER. That my only 2 choices I had left in life were to run my own business or write a book. So I'm doing both.I thought it was kinda unique and special so to speak when I was diagnosed with an unusual PERSONALITY. At least I'm never alone as a well developed and mentally fit InfJ.Like being a targeted individual with my own thoughts acting as gang stalkers.My world revolves around love, of love and the world it revolves around.
Type of Writer
If you've ever heard of gonzo journalism then you'll be able to relate to slowedaddys shorts.
Writing Style
Creative freestyle poetry and anything else custom on paper.
I'm mainly interested in provoking happiness. I am very interested in food. And while I'm thinking about it I'm interested to know how the hell an ark made it and the titanic sank.
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Creative writing, poetry, non-fiction
Favorite Books
Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy. I knew it was 42 Fear and loathing in Las Vegas The book of Thoth The emerald tablets Still looking forward too the dead sea scrolls
Favorite Authors
Hunter S. Thompson Stephen King M.Night Shalaman Clive Barker Nat Teich Nein
Favorite Quote
Live a life of love through light, Never fearing the unknown, For when you let the darkness instill concern in your heart, Remember without it you will never see what's shown... Scott A. Lowe
Favorite Music
E.D.M And anything else someone created out of passion and desire.
Favorite Movies
Kid Cannibis Leaves of Grass Next Harry Potter Marvel (anything)
Favorite Shows
Weeds Whitest kids you know In living color Wild n out Dexter Arrested development Shameless True Blood Night court BARNEY Dora the explorer Blue's clues Anything Debbie does Cheers Webster Different strokes Little house in the hood
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