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September 30 1966
About Me
Firstly, I am NOT religious! I am a child of God and I am in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I'm a gardener who gets mud under her nails.I am shy by nature but quite social when provoked.I love spanish guitar and passionate music. Health freedom is an important issue I support. No vaccines please.
Type of Writer
I write from my heart and from my gut. What I come up with is all I have to offer, but it's me.
Writing Style
Rhyming, free-verse, old and new. Prefer the extravagant and timeless verse.Ask my pen for it has a mind of it's own.
Reading,Gardening,Cooking, Baking, Painting, Sketching, Oh, did I mention writing?,Sharing the Lord Jesus Christ and his perfect and abiding love for everybody.
Favorite Genres
Poetry,Christian,History,Comedy,ChristianWomen's,Modern Medicine(it is fun disproving most of it),
Favorite Books
Morning Glory by LaVerle Spencer,The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness by Simon Weisenthal,The Murderers Among Us by Simon Weisenthal The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, The Fluoride Deception by Chris Bryson,The Book Thief,
Favorite Authors
,Agatha Christie, James Mitchner, Hemingway,Rick,Simon Weisenthal, LaVyrle Spencer,
Favorite Poets
I'm not sure yet.Although I've Been a sucker for King Solomon for a long time.
Favorite Quote
Phillipians 1:6 (read it yourself)
Favorite Music
spanish guitar, blues guitar(Stevie Ray, Joe Satriani),Frank Sinatra, Susan Boyle, Josh Grobin, Celine Dion, lyrics that can be understood and give goosebumps thank you.And don't try and make me listen to rap because I'll run away screaming.
Favorite Movies
Fireproof, Courageous,The Shack,The Holiday, To Live,You've Got Mail,Sleepless in Seattle, Saving Private Ryan, Gran Torino,
Favorite Shows
The Waltons, Little House On The Prairie.
Can He winnow the wheat and the chaff of my windswept life?
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~301 Words
Spiritual, Religious, Relationship
Type: Poetry
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I May Be A Closet Case; But I Am His Closet Case!
Rated: E
~668 Words
Relationship, Spiritual, Religious
Type: Other
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