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March 17
About Me
I'm married with two kids. I've got a job and a third working swing and some even later, a creature of the night. For a long time I've had to be more interested in feeding us and housing us and making the bills this month than career and future and what I want to do. BUT I've been writing a fiction blog on breaks and lunches for a decade now, I was terrible, but reviewing and being reviewed has improved my writing and I think I can sell my writing. That's what I intend to do.
Type of Writer
Forced to be quick about it. I'm getting better at writing in short windows of time and starting to feel publishable.
Writing Style
I would say intuitive and poetic. I'm trying to craft what I would call Celtic High Fantasy.
Most Things Celtic, Creating Tir na Nua, Truth.
Website / Homepage
My Blog
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Steampunk
Favorite Authors
JRR Tolkien, Morgan Llywelyn, George RR Martin, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Orson Scott Card
Favorite Poets
Uuuuh, gotta go with me. and Shakespeare Me and Bill.
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    How Scota fell to Balor and the Morrigan rose from the ashes.
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    Being an exploration and detailed examination of this particular genre of Retro-Futurism
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    The Major's Emporium of Experience surprises Charlemaud, just as she expected.
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