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April 4 2000
About Me
I'm a TBI survivor. I tried to commit suicide a year ago, via over-dosing. I failed; resulting in complete loss of all my muscles. I was in the hospital for a month, completly parralized; barely with it. I had to relearn all my basic shit like walking, talking, and swallowing. I wasn't even safe for puree; I wasn't allowed to eat or drink for months. They put a feeding tube into my stomach so I wouldn't die on them. Ha. I didn't die physically, yay me, but mentally is a diffrent story.
Type of Writer
I am still, to this day, unable to speak; so I try to put everything into my writing.
Writing Style
I'm, I guess, a tad morbid; given my story.
I wanted to be a tatto artist;I loved to lose myself in a good drawing.I was enlisted to the airforce; about to take my oath of silence,acctually.I still have a deep everlasting love of horses;I broke quite a few.My injury stole most of my hobbies.
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Alice in Chains, Tool, Black Sabbath, Cage the Elephant, Highly Suspect, ect.
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