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About Me
Writing has dogged me like an elusive shadow over the seasons, sometimes dark and sharp, sometimes shadowy and pixelated. I write to soothe the hurts thrown at me. I write to thrill and entertain. I write to send covert messages of peace and tolerance. I write the truth or a big fat lie. Goals: Complete my Vegan in the Wilderness Mini-series by Summer of 2019 Encourage writers to never give up.
Type of Writer
I primarily nonfiction, however, I am branching out to fiction (fantasy) for children and YA.
Writing Style
Humorous to dark. Never mean-spirited or vulgar. My style is evolving to suit my mood or my audience.
Writing, reading, sailing (ocean), movies watching, long walks, travel, working with children
Website / Homepage
My Blog
Favorite Genres
YA, children's literature, thrillers, adventure, drama
Favorite Books
The Light We Cannot See Harry Potter series Series of Unfortunate Events Life of Pi China Study Cruising Routes of the World I love reading and I change my mind over and over and new books come out
Favorite Authors
J. K. Rowlings E. Hemmingway J. Steinbeck A. Sorkin
Favorite Poets
W. Shakespeare R. L. Stevenson R. Frost S.T. Coleridge R. W. Service
Favorite Quote
Argue for your limitations and they will surely be yours. All things are possible. You may have to work for them however.
Favorite Music
I love it all!!!
Favorite Movies
Cloud Atlas Castaway Gone With the Wind Forrest Gump Star Wars The Pursuit of Happiness Princess and the Frog And many, many more!
Favorite Shows
Not a TV fan.
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