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April 16 1960
Lawrence KS at the moment. Topeka KS soon
About Me
As you can see from my Username, and Handle, I specialize in Science Fiction. But I also write non-Science Fiction too. I also specialize in scripts - both original tv shows and original movies. but I also write novels. It's true I specialize in Science Fiction but all of it has other genre elements too - like Action/Adventure, Adventure, Mystery, Suspence, Drama and Horror. The other genres like Comedy, Romance, Fantasy etc. may come out in my scripts (novels) too. But not as much.
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    Do you want five thousand GPs? Just get a five-rating review from me and you get it.
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    A blog devoted just to my scriptwriting. That’s all I’m going to blogging about here.
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    Not just another monthly contest. Instead of Short Stories or Poetry, it's about Scripts.
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    What are Monthly Prompts? They are the Prompts for The Monthly Script Writing Contest.
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    This Blog isn't just for my scriptwriting Projects. It's also for my other activities.
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