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August 2 1954
Star, Texas
About Me
Ever since I can remember I've fancied myself a writer. When I was a teenager I set up a space in our garage with a desk and lamp I bought myself, ready to write my heart out. I even used watercolors on the walls of that corner in an attempt to brighten my little world. My Dad was not at all amused. Even though Life moved on and moved me with it, I'm back - with stories to tell. My writing corner is long gone, but I'm determined to replace it.
Type of Writer
I'm mostly a storyteller, looking to sharpen my craft.
Favorite Quote
Don't ever worry about your age, my dear. Each birthday is just a new chapter in your book. Mary Louise Appleman Smith, my grandmother
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    Owning property is different than dreaming of owning property. Way different.
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    Three girls alone. Intruder at the door. What do we do?
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    I was there when she received the diagnosis. It changed my life forever.
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    I knew I could feel Indian spirits. Scott thought I was crazy.
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    Dee Dee was, and still is, quite the character. Never fear, the shotgun didn't work!
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