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November 21
About Me
I am left-handed, a friendly blue-eyed lady who is a Scorpio a November baby, I am! I have been writing ever since I can remember and I do love writing and reading and I find that I like to review others as well. I am a Mama of two, who are grown, on their own, with families of their own. I have 7 grandchildren. I do have a poetry book published and I wish I would have done a book of some sort first, but someday I will have many books published. I just gotta get down to it and get it done.
Type of Writer
I like to write in all genres as I like to be well-rounded! I am not in one box so there ya have it!
Writing Style
All kinds, and that is to say in every style that I can and I like to learn all I can, yes I like to be well rounded
Writing, reading, reviewing, learning everything that I can about writing, singing, dancing, cooking & baking, Family & Friends, watching movies and television, being published, Doing Zumba and Body Grove. And I love walking.
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Group Memberships
The Angle Army The Brainstormers Group Fairy Tales Group The Cleaners Noticing Newbies Committee 30-Day Bloggers Group The Talent Pond Take Up Your Cross The Happiness Port Project Chapter One & more, but characters are limited.
Favorite Genres
All the the genres are my favorite, I seriously like them all...
Favorite Quote
I don't want to be everything to everybody but I would like to be something to someone.
Favorite Music
Love: Hip Hop, R&B, Urban, Reggae, Latino, Pop Latino, Musica Urbana, Blues, Jazz, Zumba Music, Body Grove, and more.
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