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About Me
I am a lover of words, an admirer of art, and a hopeless loner with a throbbing passion for romance anime's! I hail from an anonymous little spot on the great rock of the North, three or so spots from the sun - occasionally the fourth - and I know no better way of expressing myself aside from writing! Glory to the writer! I've no powers of speech, nor do I have any natural talents; and so, I write to instill a waning confidence.
Type of Writer
I write within the fantasy, abstract, gothic, and romance genres mainly.
Writing Style
I try to be unique, sometimes; other times, I'm just plain abstract.
I adore anime and enjoy reading short-stories. I don't have the patience to get into novels, which makes me wonder why I'm set on writing one. I enjoy playing games - who doesn't? XD, eating pasta, and sleeping all day! And nope, no Facebook!
Favorite Genres
I'll quote: "fantasy, abstract, gothic, and romance genres mainly."
Favorite Books
Dragonlance Chronicles (TBD)
Favorite Authors
Margret Weis & Tracy Hickman (TBD)
Favorite Poets
Favorite Quote
"Kamehameha!" & (Gaming 'Research Society' Club banner says:) "There is no hope in the third dimension. We seek salvation for the world in two dimensions" (Suzutsuki begs them) "An angel has strayed into the third dimension!" (Mayo Chiki ep. 10).
Favorite Music
Modern symphonic. Music is, unsurprisingly, an integral part of my life. It's so important that, on dark, stormy nights, I sometimes imagine a life without it, at which point I'm brought to my knees in terror, crying for mercy! (Don't ask... -.-)
Favorite Movies
LoTR is my fav. My favorite shows are: Inuyasha (#1), Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), Mayo Chiki, School Days (OMFG), Elfen Lied, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, and Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. If you haven't cried in your life, I recommend the last one.
    Rated: E · Friendship · #1834825
    I think I was walking in circles in my kitchen when I thought of this. It was a while ago.
    Rated: E · Personal · #1834823
    Have you ever felt frustrated? Well, in this case, my fingers needed something to do...
    Rated: E · Supernatural · #1834141
    A supernatural 'short' story concerning the irony of interactions between races.
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