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August 11 2000
In Georgia for a few years, plan on a few more
About Me
I'm human and still trying to figure out how writing works. Though I'm not sure I'll ever fully understand it, let's be honest. I write for the sake of writing and that's about it.
Type of Writer
The kind that writes, I would assume.
Writing Style
Messy and all over the place and often kept to myself.
Writing, reading, and wasting my life on pointless endeavors.
Favorite Books
I can't really say as my passion for reading has sadly dwindled. I haven't really sat down a read for the fun of it for years now, so I can't really say.
Favorite Quote
"Quote" - a person at some point in time
Favorite Music
I usually stick around the pop genre, it's just what I grew up on, but I also listen to a lot of musicals and other songs that I'm not sure what genre they're in.
Favorite Movies
I'll be honest: Megamind. It's a super silly movie but it makes me smile everytime.
Favorite Shows
Haha, Sherlock. Yeah, I wish I wasn't but I'm totally one of those people.
    Rated: 13+ · Emotional · #2245001
    Bit of a self deprecating poem about social anxiety and paranoia
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/tencce