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December 20 1982
Corsicana, Texas
About Me
I'm active writer and learner. Currently enrolled courses online for Medical Courses. Completed Punctuation Comma Course and first Basics in Poetry. I'm an active member and proud member of Writing.Com and glad to say I've been here since 2011. I'm currently looking at ways to help the Writing.Com community. If you have an questions please don't hesitate to give me an email tinag@Writing.Com
Type of Writer
Poems and short stories. The art of writing is writing from heart and passion.
Writing Style
Two best advice given to me- Write with writing techniques. Write and be concise in your writing.
Learning Writing courses with New Horizon Academy.
Website / Homepage
My Blog
Group Memberships
New Horizon Academy Punctuation Alumni Power Reviewer Group http://facebook.com/TinaMarieGeorge1982
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Poetry Story Form
Favorite Books
"A Lady Raised High" "Raising Abel"
Favorite Authors
Fav Book: "Bible" enjoy and like the poetic style in the scriptures. Provided in Psalms. "A Lady Raised High" Laurien Gardner. Kathleen Geer.
Favorite Poets
Poets are hard to decide because I've read many and there is alot of good ones here on Writing.Com. The poets here at Writing.Com are better than some literature books! A couple of famous Mathew Arnold (poet of the month) Edger Allen Pole.
Favorite Quote
"Live knowing the outside of the Box."
Favorite Music
Rock, Country, Micheal Buble-Jason Maraz, just anything now days that is hip, peaceful, and playful to listen to.
Favorite Movies
To Many... Humm maybe fav show which right now is Grimm.
Favorite Shows
Criminal Minds, Daytime series ION channel
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