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South Korea
Type of Writer
Sci-fi, horror, fantasy, mystery
Writing Style
Working on it!
Reading (of course!), motorcycles, astronomy, cooking, technology, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.
Favorite Genres
Sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, thriller, steampunk, historical fiction
Favorite Books
The Diamond Age, Gates of Fire, Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, The Anubis Gates, The Difference Engine, Ringworld, Aubrey/Maturin series, Phoenix (graphic novel), Anabasis, Dune, Foundation, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, American Gods
Favorite Authors
J.R.R. Tolkien, Tim Powers, Larry Niven, Frank Herbert, Frederick Forsyth, Patrick O'Brian, William Gibson, Mark Twain, Osamu Tezuka, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman
Favorite Poets
Samuel Coleridge, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Herodotus
Favorite Quote
"If you don't know it's impossible, it's easier to do." -Neil Gaiman
Favorite Music
classic rock, metal, punk, classical, jazz, blues
Favorite Movies
Blade Runner, The Lord of the Rings, 12 Monkeys, Master and Commander, The Seven Samurai, Star Trek the Motion Picture, Close Encounters, Alien, Akira, Bullitt, Dirty Harry, The Sixth Sense, Napoleon Dynamite, The Incredibles
Favorite Shows
The Twilight Zone (1959), Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica (2004), Homeland, Grimm, Community, Stranger Things, 3%
    Rated: E · Personal · #2232494
    Thoughts on the mysteries of the universe, the human soul, and cats
    Rated: ASR · Fantasy · #2233307
    The forest creatures gather together for a fateful ceremony
    Rated: 18+ · Other · #1938849
    Short stories and other single-chapter items.
    Rated: ASR · Horror/Scary · #2223102
    A deck of cards, a roller coaster, a demon. What could go wrong?
    Rated: E · Other · #2232482
    The place for multiple-chapter work
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/tvelocity