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January 3 1987
Houston, Texas
About Me
My name is Jonathon Vanderhaus III. I've always enjoyed writing, but I rarely share my work with others. I hope that someday I can get a short story published in one of the great literary magazines and go to a decent MFA program.
Type of Writer
Frequent. Did journalism for little while, now I'm into fiction short stories.
Writing Style
Minimalist usually, often a realist. Focus on travel and character development.
Oh, there's a bunch, but I'm never consistant with them. Ummm, let's see, in the past I've taken up boxing, cayaking, rock climbing, wood carving, power risers (ridiculous elastic stilts), and all manner of odd activities
Website / Homepage
None, sorry
My Blog
Also nope.
Group Memberships
Nuh, uh
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
realism, naturalism, modernism, and literary fiction of all kinds
Favorite Books
Breakfast of Champions, Coutry of the Pointed Firs, Ender's Game, Dune, Wolf of the Plains
Favorite Authors
Hemingway, Jennifer Egan, Raymond Carver, Kurt Vonnegut
Favorite Poets
ummm, dunno
Favorite Quote
When writing a short story, write for only one person. If you open a window to the world, your story will catch pneumonia and die - Kurt Vonnegut (I was paraphrasing)
Favorite Music
Beethoven, Bach, Dvorjak
Favorite Movies
Fight Club, The Breakfast Club, Club Dread, Judge Dread, Judge Judy Season Four, Eddy Valley and the Four Seasons, The Fantastic Four, Fantastic Mr. Fox,
Favorite Shows
Community, Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad
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