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April 18 1984
Amsterdam, NY
About Me
Me in 500 letters or spaces. I can't tell you anything about me other than I am 29 years old, I am married, four years now, to a wonderful woman, we have a son who is quickly approaching his first birthday(born on Friday the 13th). I live in Amsterdam but not the fun one, am currently unemployed, other than pursuing this writing thing(not by choice, the unemployed thing). I read, watch, listen to and basically absorb as much media and stories that I can. Entertainment is life.
Type of Writer
Fantasy, horror, comedy, drama. Fiction mostly but am always working to better my nonfiction chops.
Writing Style
I wish I could define it for you but I fear that I am not up to the task. I know it is a fault but I will work at it.
I find everything interesting at least at first. My main interests include movies, comic books/graphic novels, novels, video games, computer graphics, psychology, cartoons, random conversations and more than I can list.
Favorite Genres
comedy, horror.
Favorite Books
The stand,Tick Tock, Red Dragon, Vampire Lestat, Salems lot,
Favorite Authors
I love Stephen King and will defend that vehemently. Dean Koontz, Anne Rice when I was younger, James Patterson, Thomas Harris, William Shakespeare, Bob Kane, Stan Lee, Kevin Smith
Favorite Poets
William Blake, Edgar allen Poe.
Favorite Quote
People who see life as anything other than entertainment are missing the point. George Carlin Blessed are the forgetful for the get the better even of their blunders. Frederich Nietzsche
Favorite Music
I just like music.
Favorite Movies
To qualify a movie as my favorite would be to choose a star at random from the night sky, spin around in circle until you are dizzy and try to find that same star. Not impossible but the space is only 250 characters.I love film in all its forms.
Favorite Shows
Arrow, Smallville, American Dad, Family Guy, Grimm, Supernatural, sooo many. It's terrible. I am not a couch potatoe but I do have a constant stream of media intake.
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