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May 3 1966
Central Pennsylvania, United States.
About Me
I’m a Christian, creating a haven for two sons and an amazing husband. Two cats have me as a pet. I love to read, write fanfiction, and be a wiseass. I enjoy talking to and encouraging others. Born to hug. I want to infect others with joy! A huge fan of laughter, movies, music, time spent with family and friends, kindness, good food, and making people smile. Life is short, so live like you’re loved. Happy to be here on WdC. Come on in and read something—I saved you a seat.
Type of Writer
Personal and reflective writing, with emphasis on my journey as a Christian. Poetry, lotsa clean family-based fanfiction.
Writing Style
I enjoy asking questions and using examples to make my point. Some humor. Almost everything is incomplete in some way.
Reading, especially books written in a letter format, i.e. The Screwtape Letters. Writing, puzzles, games, prayer. Analyzing people and events. Prying meaning out of language. Laughing. Movies. Spending time with people I love. My church.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/whiskerface